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Our company

24U s.r.o.

24U s.r.o. is a customer-oriented company, based in Prague, Czech Republic, active on Czech and global IT market since February 2000. 24U Software is a division of 24U, focusing on development, modification, and maintenance of custom software solutions, mostly integrated information systems and database, web, and native business applications.

Customers in 75 countries

Thanks to the internet and ease of traveling, we can help help you with your systems, wherever you are. See where we have customers already:


29 years of experience with the FileMaker® platform

HOnza Koudelka, co-founder of 24U and head of the 24U Software, developed his first FileMaker solution back in 1991, nine years before founding 24U. He remains the consultant for our whole FileMaker development team, sharing all his knowledge, and even won the FileMaker Developer Cup at FileMaker DevCon 2015, so the expertise we are offering to every customer is a real non-cumulated experience that goes far beyond the existence of our company.

FM Version Icons FM Belt

Claris Platinum Partner

We provide consulting and resell the FileMaker platform licenses since founding the company. We joined the FileMaker Solutions Alliance in July 2002 and remained well known member when it was renamed to FileMaker Business Alliance. In October 2016 we became a platinum level partner. In 2019, when FileMaker Inc. got renamed to Claris International, we became Claris Platinum Partner

FBA - Plat - Logo

5 FileMaker Certified Developers

We let our developers learn fast and from the best experts. Thanks to our internal training strategy every member of our FileMaker team achieves the FileMaker’s certification and then keeps it current with future versions going forward.

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Integrating variety of technologies

We constantly keep meeting new technologies in our practice and one of our biggest strengths is fast adaptation and new skills development. Even though there is a wide range of technologies we keep returning to, mostly because we found them highly reliable, convenient, cost effective, and sustainable.

We have worked with and integrated together:

  • macOS and Apple Mac computers, Windows, Linux, Android
  • iOS, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch
  • XCode, ObjectiveC, Swift - development of native apps for macOS and iOS
  • FileMaker - database and workplace innovation platform for macOS, Windows, iOS, and web
  • AppleScript - original scripting language of macOS
  • Apache, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript - popular platform for building web applications
  • HTML5, CSS3, AJAX - modern tools for building front-ends for web applications
  • WordPress - popular CMS for administration of simple dynamic websites
  • MailChimp - popular and easy-to-integration e-mail marketing system
  • iKufr - our own product for secure storage and transportation of tablets and mobile classrooms
  • FM Bench - our own product for optimization of database solutions and business processes
  • Phidgets, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi - modular systems for custom hardware solutions
  • RFID & NFC, Bluetooth, RS-232, weighing scales, refractometer, barcode scanners, label and receipt printers, POS payment terminals, motors, environmental sensors, encryption dongles, LCD displays and RGB LED Strips, telephone switches

28 plug-ins created since 2001

We begun developing FileMaker plug-ins immediately after FileMaker released the first plug-in SDK and released the first plug-in under the name of 24U in 2001. Additional plug-ins followed, some of them as custom project, some are still available as our products:

Current products:

Discontinued products:

  • SimpleChart
  • SimpleHelp
  • SimpleHighlight
  • SimpleCode (originally released as Transcoding Plug-In)
  • Preferences+Globals
  • VirtualUser
  • Plug-In Template

Custom-made plug-ins for:

  • Scales
  • Microsoft Lync integration
  • Event tickets reservation capacity checking
  • Airline ticket data processing
  • Print quality barcodes generation
  • Optometric refractometer communication
  • XML data parsing
  • DBF import pre-processing
  • External 3rd-party dynamic library integration
  • QuickTime movie precise playback

Plus several internal use plug-ins

26 international conference presences

To let our customers from around the world meet is in person we regularly appear at the main FileMaker Developer Conference, hosted in the United States, and since 2011 at several local events as well:

FileMaker DevCon / Claris Engage

  • 2002 in Palm Desert, California
  • 2003 in Phoenix, Arizona
  • 2004 in Phoenix, Arizona
  • 2005 in Phoenix, Arizona
  • 2007 in Orlando, Florida
  • 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona
  • 2009 in San Francisco, California
  • 2010 in San Diego, California
  • 2011 in San Diego, California
  • 2012 in Miami, Florida
  • 2013 in San Diego, California
  • 2014 in San Antonio, Texas
  • 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona
  • 2018 in Dallas, Texas
  • 2019 in Orlando, Florida
  • 2020 Claris Engage Virtual

Pause On Error:

  • Pause[x]London 2011
  • Pause[x]Berlin 2013
  • Pause On Error Portland 2014 (remotely over Skype)

Tech Net:

  • Genius Wanted London 2012

FileMaker Konferenz:

  • 2016 in Salzburg, Austria
  • 2017 in Salzburg, Austria
  • 2018 in Malbun, Liechtenstein
  • 2019 in Hamburg, Germany
DevCon 2019 Pause On Error TechNet FileMaker Konferenz

ISO 9001 Certified

Since April 2004, 24U Software is ISO 9001 certified for design, development, customization and implementation of software. Updated to the ISO 9001:2015 standard since March 2018.


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