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Xgode Overview

Don’t waste time downloading or learning how to use any developer tools. Simply use this online service to convert your FileMaker Go app into a native app. Xgode:

  • Turns your FileMaker Go app to a native app for iPhone and iPad
  • Does not require you to download, learn, and use any developer tools
  • Does not require you to own a Mac
  • Lets you use plug-ins in your app
  • Generates a secure web installation page for your in-house distribution
  • Uploads your app to the App Store for public distribution

All you need is a copy of FileMaker Pro, a FileMaker Developer Subscription, and Apple Developer Program membership (enrolling as organization recommended).

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Allan Meinhart

How to Build an App Easily in Minutes

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Building Process Simplified

Until Xgode was available these were the steps you needed to perform to turn a FileMaker Go app to a native app and install it on your iOS device:

  1. Get an Apple ID and enroll in Apple Developer Program
  2. Register at FileMaker Community
  3. Get FileMaker Developer Subscription
  4. Buy a Mac
  5. Download and install Xcode
  6. Download and learn to use the FileMaker iOS App SDK
  7. Learn to use Xcode or get a third-party tool/template
  8. Prepare the app components and graphics
  9. Generate provisioning profile and code signing certificate
  10. Build the app
  11. Resolve compiler/link errors and build again
  12. Create a manifest file and upload to a secure website
  13. Visit the web page and install the app

With Xgode, we have eliminated steps 4-9 and 11-12 for you!

Time Needed to Build an App

Made for App Store

Xgode will help you to publish your app in the App Store. You can easily configure all properties required by Apple and when your app is ready, simply select "App Store" as distribution profile, and Xgode will automatically upload your app to the App Store, ready for you to submit it. See what apps, built with Xgode, are already published:

Have you also published your app built with Xgode in the App Store? Let us know and we'll gladly showcase it here as well.

Start Building Now

Don’t hesitate, sign-up for a free account below, and start building your native apps. Or simply log in with your credentials if you have an account already. If you have any difficulties, contact us and we’ll help you


24U Xgode Individual Builds?
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Charge your Xgode account with any number of individual builds. Useful if you build your app sparingly, not more than twice per month.
24U Xgode Indefinite Monthly Subscription?
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1-month subscription covering unlimited number of builds under a single developer account. Renews automatically unless you cancel the subscription ahead of renewal.
24U Xgode Indefinite Quarterly Subscription?
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3-months subscription covering unlimited number of builds under a single developer account. Renews automatically unless you cancel the subscription ahead of renewal.
24U Xgode Indefinite Annual Subscription?
24U Xgode Indefinite Annual Subscription - Image
1-year subscription covering unlimited number of builds under a single developer account. Renews automatically unless you cancel the subscription ahead of renewal.

Optional Services

24U Dev Incident?
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Coupon for resolving a single, discrete problem, i.e. a single technical issue that cannot be subdivided into different issues. Valid for one year from the date of purchase.
24U Developer Aid?
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Scheduled interactive support session with our engineer, intended for FileMaker, plug-in, web, or app developers. The minimum time to schedule per order is 4 hours.
24U Emergency Aid?
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We provide an emergency aid for FileMaker developers when at least one of our developers is available. If you’re in emergency and need an urgent help, please try to call us to check our availability before ordering this service.
Voluntary payment for free help?
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If we have provided you with a complimentary support, our best reward is your good feeling. But if you think we deserve some financial compensation anyway, please feel free to use this item to send us any amount you find appropriate.
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