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App Helps with School Grades

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My son Štěpán recently surprised me by bringing an insufficient grade from a math exam. He needed to improve quickly, so I launched FileMaker Pro Advanced and decided to create an app to help him. The next day he got the best grade for a followup exam, not making a single error…

Štěpán was supposed to improve quickly as his teacher was going to examine the whole class again every day. I knew from my own experience that to multiply fast you simply have to memorize at least the small multiplication table

Very popular way to memorize things, such as words, is through flashcards.

It is simple. Question on one side and answer on the other side of the card. You take a card than answer the question and check the answer. So I told myself: That should be a good basis for a practicing application.

I didn’t have a time to go through thousand of apps to find some suitable for this situation. So I fired up FileMaker Pro Advanced and quickly created an app for this purpose.

Within about an hour I had an app that showed a multiplication task, let my son type in the result, then gave him feedback if he were right or wrong, and followed with another task. The app takes into account success/fail rate to pick failed tasks more often, maximizing the learning efficiency.

What the multiplying app looks like


As one extra step, with the help of Xgode, I even turned the app into a native iOS app in the next 10 minutes, so now my son can practice on his iPhone or iPad, not needing access to my computer.


My son spent about an hour and half practicing with the app, and the following day he got the best grade underlined, meaning he made no errors at all.

With FileMaker Pro Advanced and Xgode I was able to create a learning app in less than 2 hours that helped to Štěpán to improve his grade from bad to the best one within a single day.






If this app could help you as well, feel free to download it now for FileMaker Pro Advanced or FileMaker Go. We have also got this app published on the App Store. Feel free to get it from there.

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